Magali Minet

Expert Moderator & Storyteller 

Hi Changemaker

ready to wake up your audience?

You understand the seed of change resides in all of us.  That seed is being cultivated by you, your organization and the partners you work with. You are keen on offering ideas fertile grounds to sprout and generate true impact. Way beyond your product or service. Your story owns the power to change the world. Let me help you get the impactful word out.

Touched by Magali Magic

Expert Moderator

As an expert event moderator I combine deep systemic learnings with empathic spontaneity to help land complex ideas and make them digestible for your audience. My expertise lies in tech and sustainability.

Expect professional panel discussions, fun interactions, clear summaries and concrete actions to send your audience off fulfilled! 

Experience Designer

Using your sustainable mission and unique identity, I design experiences that make your mission truly tangible to your audience.  

Let's explore how we can expand your positive impact beyond your core business!

Motivational Speaker

About Me

Combining an engineering background, 20 years of stage experience and deep knowledge on transition dynamics to help pioneers create the impact their ideas deserve. 

How I Work

You bring your brilliant ideas and knowledge, I bring my enthusiasm, analytical mindset and capability to translate your concept to a broad audience.  

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Let's explore how we make your ideas come to life and give rise to  groundbreaking, engaged discussions at your event or get all your stakeholders moving in a consistent direction.  

"Rare is the moderator who understands topics thoroughly and who is able to transcend common tunnel visions by  connecting dots and by interpreting underlying systems. You bring présence and depth to discussions in such a  smooth and natural way. Bravo."

Serge de Geldhere - CEO Futureproofed  and Belgian Climate Ambassador